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I looked through the forum and don't see this being addressed previously, but it's been a perpetual issue on the version on my phone (DVD Profiler for Android, v4.0.0, build 75).  It's annoying to me, but VERY annoying to anyone whom I hand my phone to so that they can look through my list.

The problem is that while scrolling my list (a long list, about 1900 entries total), at random, the screen seems to "flip out" and go far, far further than is desired....  say, from the "C's" to the "W's" instantaneously, for example.

I can't seem to find any REASON it would (intentionally) do this...  it's pretty far from HELPFUL.  (A by-letter-tabbed right-hand edge would be nice to have, though!)

I'm not seeing anyone else reporting this issue, however.  So, is this a "feature I'm not using right" by some intent?  Or is it a bug that no one has ever noticed before?  Or...  are there a lot of complaints about this which I've somehow missed?

I'd sure like to resolve this so that I can scroll through my collection myself, or allow others to do so to pick out something to watch, without the constant headache of having to "backtrack" to find where we were before the thing went nuts on us.
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