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Sorry, but that film was released as Hell's Bloody Devils, it utilised the same original camera negative, just with some modifications.
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Sorry to throw this spanner into the works.

Look at the BBFC link for "Smashing the Crime Syndicate":

It shows the film was classified in 1974 for the UK release by Ember Films, that's four years after "Hell's Bloody Devils" release in the US.

I always thought that "Operation M" was the working title and "The Faker$" was the unreleased original title of the finished film before it was shelved (because they could not find a distributor). The 1968 copyright was for this film and should not be construed as a release date.

In 1970, Al Adamson and partners formed there own distribution company called "Independent-International Pictures Corporation", and following the success of the first film distributed, "Satan's Sadists", they began to look at some of their shelved/unfinished films.  "Hell's Bloody Devils" was created by deleting scenes and adding biker gang scenes to their shelved "The Faker$" film, ostensibly for the drive-in market.

My thinking is the film was produced by an American film company, so original title (as per DVDP rules) is the one used in the country of origin, namely, "Hell's Bloody Devils".

As "Hell's Bloody Devils" was the first released version of the film, any original song credits are valid for that film.

Any other subsequent released version I would consider to be a different cut of the original version ("Hell's Bloody Devils"), so including the original song writing credits would be valid as long as you had:

Title:  Smashing the Crime Syndicate/The Faker$
Original Title: Hell's Bloody Devils

Just my thoughts on how to solve the convoluted filmography of Al Adamson.
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Win10 S-mode is primarily installed as OEM on laptops or in Schools and large-scale enterprises.  It was designed as a light-weight OS to combat the dominance of Google's Chrome OS.

Currently, you can change from Win10 S-mode to normal Win10 mode, but you CANNOT change from normal mode to S-mode.

Updating a normal installation of Windows 10 (Home, Pro) will NOT result in a S-mode version.
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Not my contribution, but this is the line from the rules covering crew (at the bottom of the table):

A Special Effects Coordinator can be added & credited when No Special Effects Supervisor is credited anywhere in the credits

I am assuming it was for the  the role "Visual Effects".
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Agree with Greyghost. Let the database keep track of the various disc IDs, that is what it was designed for.
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Quoting ObiKen:
Yes, you may use my post and add it to the bug report - good luck.

And just for the record, the US patent was:

Patent No.:
6871012 B1

Patent title:

Approval Date:
22nd March, 2005
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Yes, you may use my post and add it to the bug report - good luck.
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Quoting proverbs311031:
disclosure: I've been in IT for over 25 years

long story short: when replacing the existing driver with older driver provided by iPatsa, my DVD-RW drive does not show as installed, even with all matching account permissions including TrustedInstaller when compared to existing build 18363 cdrom.sys driver, so there must be another "software hook or call being made".

Any suggestions on what I might be missing?

Hmm, I tackled the problem differently, I started to work the problem from DVD profiler to the drive, not the other way round.

Initially, I ran Process Monitor tool and an API monitoring tool to check what happens when dvdpro.exe adds a DVD Disc ID in the database. I could see files in the VIDEO_TS directory were being read and some attributes such as filename, file size and date and times were also read.  But all the read data was correct and matched the values found on the DVD.

I ran the same test on many DVDs over many versions of Windows (XPsp2, Win7sp1, Win10v1709, Win10v1809, v1903, v1909) and found no evidence of corrupted data read from the DVDs.

Eventually, I did more research on the 64-bit CRC and found Microsoft's US patent which descibed the concept of the unique 64-bit CRC and how it could support bookmarking.  I learnt that there were four steps in the calculation process:

Step 1:
The filenames in the VIDEO_TS directory are collected and sorted alphabetically into a list

Step 2:
For each filename in the list, the following structure is filled out and added to the CRC (all data fields are in LSB first):
==> unsigned 64 bit Integer: dateTime (the time elapsed in 100 nanosecond intervals from Jan. 1, 1601)
==> unsigned 32 bit Integer: FileSize
==> BYTE: Filename [filename Length]
==> BYTE: FilenameTermNull=0

Step 3:
If present, the first 65,536 bytes of "VIDEO_TS.IFO are read and added to the CRC (if smaller then the entire file is added)

Step 4:
If present, the first 65,536 bytes of "VTS_01_0.IFO are read and added to the CRC (if smaller then the entire file is added)

In a nutshell, each file's attributes in the VIDEO_TS directory and the first 65,536 bytes of data from VIDEO_TS.IFO and VTS_01_0.IFO are the inputs added to the concatenated binary polynomial equation that generates the 64-bit CRC.

With the above steps in mind, I revisited the previous capture files I had and it finally dawned on me something did change with Win10 ver1809.

On every Windows platform, steps 2,3 and 4 were being carried out properly.
On the other hand, step 1 had changed:
==> Prior to Win10 ver1809, step 1 was being carried out properly.
==> From Win10 ver 1809 and onwards, only a subset of files in the VIDEO_TS directory were being read (VIDEO_TS.IFO, BUP and VOB, and VTS_01_0.IFO, BUP and VOB).

I can't give you a reason as to why the algorithm for calculating the DVD's unique 64-bit CRC changed, but I do note that both Microsoft's Windows Media Center application and Windows DVD Player application were both forcibly removed by the Win10 ver1809 upgrade, and both used the bookmarking feature via the DVD's unique 64-bit CRC!

Was the change just collateral damage?  I'll leave that to someone else to take up the gauntlet.  All I know is I finally convinced myself that CDROM.SYS was not the problem.
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Quoting rdodolak:
Found this on the MyMovies site and what they apparently did to get around the issue in Win10.  Bottom line, they updated their program to no rely on the Windows calls and manually calculating the disc IDs.

Disc Id differences

We know the 64-bit DVD DiscID does not reside on the DVD, so if MyMovies is now calculating the correct DiscID directly from the DVD's file system, does that imply:

a. there is nothing wrong with CDROM.SYS
b. there is something wrong with the Windows DIRECTSHOW API (which calculates the DiscID directly from the file system)
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I believe the following link displays exactly what you describe, namely, each disc has a UPC barcode on the disc label and are not individually packaged:

In which case, the UPCs on the disc labels are not profiled as per the second page of the contribution rules "What to Contribute", in particular:

"When creating a new profile for contribution, the preferred method is to create from the UPC number. The UPC (called EAN in some countries) is the number under the barcode on the DVD’s case."

So Disc-ID child profiles for the box set would be the correct solution in this instance.

Hope that answers your query.
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Quoting Wigram:
Quoting GreyHulk:
Currently under Windows 10, If you use one utility to read a DVD, it gives you a Disc ID. Use another utility, it gives you ANOTHER Disc ID. One of my friends got 3 different Disc IDs just from one disc.

Now this surprises me. Can you specify which are the three "utilities" in question?

It may not be the same person, but DJ Doena submitted examples on April 25, 2019.  You will note he found for the same disc, three different DVD disc-IDs on Windows 10 ver 1809 using no 3rd-party software, Passkey and AnyDVD.

Which makes the prospect of manual entry of disc-IDs more frightening, and don't forget to factor in typo-errors as well!
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I believe the correct description is AnyDVD acts like a rootkit, it inserts its own driver that sits between the operating system layer and the hardware layer.
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iPatsa: I would also add High Dynamic Range into option 3, as this may be a greater influence on purchase than just the 4K resolution improvements, etc.
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Addicted2UHD: your partner will like it as well (to you Honey Darling) 
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My understanding is that the "Created By" credit for a writer in an original TV series is:

- a writer who writes a format for the series (the setting, the theme or point of view, the general story line, the central running characters, the interplay among the characters, the style or attitude)

- a writer who receives "Story By" or "Written By" credit on the pilot episode of the series.

As T!M rightly pointed out, the "Created By" credit is more than just a "Original Characters By" credit, it is a credit for original writing material for a TV series.

So, when I see a "Based on a 'TV Series Name' Created By 'Joe Bloggs'", I interpret that to mean it was based on the original material written for the TV series by Joe Bloggs.
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Agree with Gsyren, the edition field is not used to distinguish multiple media types of the same film in a package, we have combo sets with multiple media type settings to enable that distinction.

Eureka does it all the time with their "Masters of Cinema Series" releases with "Special Dual-Format Edition" or "Special Blu-ray Edition" often printed on the back cover, and to date, I have never seen anyone add those to the edition field.

The rules state you may gather the edition from the back cover, if present.

Since "deluxe edition" is printed in the overview, then by the rules, I would add it to the edition field.
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The Eddy Duchin Story: "Original Music by George Duning".
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End credits in Run (1991):
  Film Editor
Stephen E. Rivkin

NOTE: Jack Hofstra was credited as "Film Editor" in the opening credits.
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Well, it looks like we are stymied with our options.  If the child films in a box set are NOT individually packaged, you only have one option for the child profile, same case type/cover scans as the parent.
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It depends on the condition of the source material that the 4K scan was derived from.

Naturally, modern day films have negatives and high-resolution prints in more pristine condition, so a 4K scan (with HDR enhancement) will have more potential to impress the eye than say a 4K scan of an old scratchy negative, worn-out print or lower-resolution print.

From a technical point of view, film camera negatives have far greater resolution than 4K.

Based on what you ordered recently, "The Shining" is the oldest movie and I can tell you the 4K version of that film was derived from a 4K scan of the original 35mm camera negative, and it is awesome in comparison to the Blu-ray version.

On the other hand, the 4K King Kong Ultimate Edition was derived from a 4K scan of a 2K digital intermediate, but the image is still impressive, particularly the dazzling colours, far better than the Blu-ray.

If in doubt, read reviews from say, blu-ray.com, before you buy.
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I would look at the back cover and check whether the 1923 version is listed as a special feature or bonus material. If it is, I would configure it as a Bonus Feature Film (BFF) for the 1956 version profile.

On the other hand, if the 1923 version isn't a bonus or special feature, then the package may be a double feature. Lets face it, each film was derived from their own unique camera negative, so they are different films, hence, may be configured as a box set (subject to BFF criteria).

For a film spanning two discs in a box set child, I would add both Disc IDs into one child profile with disc descriptions "Main Feature (Part 1)" and "Main Feature (Part 2)".

Hope that helps.
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Ivanhoe: Miklos Rozsa
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OK, so it's a game console connected to a TV solution that will be upgraded.  Unfortunately, you won't be able to add 4K Disc IDs in DVD Profiler with that setup.
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4K UHD discs provide improved resolution, but it is only more noticeable on large screens ( > 65 inches). However, the biggest wow factor comes from the expansion in the colour spectrum and contrast range from High Dynamic Range (HDR or Dolby Vision).

If I was Addicted2DVD, I would be focussing on the hardware upgrade path first.  Don't do this right then you will be disappointed, no matter what title you buy.

Is the requirement to watch 4K UHD discs and 4K games on a 4K TV (LCD/OLED, with HDR10 and Dolby Vision support) via a games console (such as Sony's upcoming PS5) OR from a computer connected to a 4K computer monitor (with HDR support)?
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My understanding is that Disney dropped the "Fox" name from two film production companies it acquired after the acquisition of 21st Century Fox in 2019, namely:

  20th Century Fox film studio ==> 20th Century Studios
  Fox Searchlight Pictures      ==>  Searchlight Pictures

These names will appear as production company names on future film releases, but it has no bearing whatsoever on the theatrical film studio name of past releases from 20th Century Fox Film Corporation.
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