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Papillon: Jack Denbo @ 02:28:51
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For your situation, this is how I would configure the Box Set profile:

Parent UPC
  + child Disc1 sideA ID
  + child Disc1 sideB ID
  + child Disc2 sideA ID
  + child Disc2 sideB ID

Alternate Disc ID profile not required as only one film per side.

Suggest you describe the box set physical configuration (that is, Keep Case containing two, double-sided discs, with separate film on each disc side) in the parent profile submission.

Each film will have its own UNIQUE Disc ID, so your concern regarding the double-sided nature of the discs is not an issue. Adding sideA and sideB disc IDs in each child profile would be invalid as no film spanned both sides.
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The Fuller Brush Girl: William Lyon
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Quoting AiAustria:
Yes, the year should be considered:
a) There are films out there, where at least some personel are involved in more than one version (consider also writing, producing, ...)

How true, indeed. Just look at some of the writing credits in American remakes of American films.

Shared Screenplay credit in remakes:
The Getaway (1972 & 1994) - original writer "Walter Hill" credited in both films.
Father of the Bride (1950 & 1991) - original writers "Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett" credited in both films.
Psycho (1960 & 1998) - original writer "Joseph Stefano" credited in both films.
The Mechanic (1972 & 2011) - original writer "Lewis John Carlino" credited in both films.

"Based on" credits in remakes:
Sabrina (1954 & 1995)
Cape Fear (1962 & 1991)
To Be or Not to Be (1942 & 1983)
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Arizona - William Lyon @ 00:00:35
Barefoot in the Park - William Lyon @ 00:01:10
The Caine Mutiny - William A. Lyon @ 00:01:27

Cowboy - William A. Lyon @ 00:01:12 (PAL format)
The Man from the Diners' Club - William A. Lyon @ 00:00:47
Me and the Colonel - William A. Lyon @ 00:01:12

They Came to Cordura - William A. Lyon @ 00:01:46
The Walking Hills - William Lyon @ 00:00:41
You Were Never Lovelier - William Lyon @ 00:00:57

From Here to Eternity - William Lyon @ 00:01:03
Major Dundee - William A. Lyon @ 00:02:39 (Extended version)
The Man from Laramie - William Lyon @ 00:01:01
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I believe the actual wording from the previous contributor was "Cast/Crew from: from packaging".

Checked the actual profile and found a solitary entry for the Director, which could be identified from the packaging.

Had the wording been "Cast/Crew from: Opening and/or End credits" or "Cast/Crew from: approved UPC /EAN Profile Number ....", then I would expect to find a more complete listing.

Hope that answers your question.
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WICHITA - David Milton (Art Director) @ 00:00:57
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Please be aware that the device does not come with an AC adapter, it is a hot-plug device and receives its power from the laptop's USB port.

For your specified needs, the minimum requirements for your laptop are Windows 7 or later and available USB 3.0/2.0 port.
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214 4K titles. View 4K titles on either 32" 4K HDR monitor using PowerDVD 20 Ultra software or 79" 4K TV using Panasonic 4K player.

Irrespective of the screen size, it's the increased colour range and contrast range on 4K titles that knocks me out and blows equivalent Blu-rays away.

I buy all mine, but typically wait until they are on sale at 2 for $40 (Aussie dollars and sometimes 20% discount on top of that).
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Indicator is the label owned and operated by the company Powerhouse Films Ltd., as per the following link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/indicatorseries/about/?ref=page_internal
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I agree with GSyren that the film is the sole source for release studio/production company information, as per the rules, but since IMDB lists those companies mentioned by Kishiro as production companies, can you double-check the end credits to the very end (including copyright info) and rule them out?

Also, my understanding is we don't use theatrical release companies for CoO, unless they were also a production company.
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This may help.

The Writers Guild of America's screen credits manual has this definition:

"Adaptation by"
In the interest of avoiding a multiplicity of credits, the Guild is opposed to the general use of the "Adaptation by" credit. However, the Guild recognizes that there are certain unusual cases where credit is due a writer who shapes the direction of screenplay construction without qualifying for "Screenplay by" credit. In those special cases, and only as a result of arbitration, the "Adaptation by" credit may be used.
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Quoting DjStar66:
Still have same problem. It comes and goes. I added www.invelos.com to host file but that didn't help. Changing browser didn't help either.

Yes, I realize now that the HOST file is used when pinging but not used by web browsers.

Best and easiest method is to modify your internet  adapter connection setting on your PC:
==> right click your adapter icon and select Properties
==> select the TCP/IPv4 and click Properties button
==> change the DNS settings from "Obtain DNS server address automatically" to "Use the following DNS server addresses:"
==> enter the following IP addresses
        Preferred DNS server:
        Alternate DNS server:

Click OK to save your changes.

The above addresses are Google's DNS servers.  If you have any privacy concerns with Google potentially  monitoring your DNS traffic then consider using the IP addresses BloodyAl provided in the previous post.

Have not had a single problem with the Invelos site since making the change. Hope that helps.
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Quoting DJ Doena:
Quoting T!M:
If the accurate Disc ID in a profile is overwritten with the Disc ID for that same disc as read out by a recent Windows 10 version, then, even although the contribution rules state: "All Disc IDs are stored in the main database and are used for disc identification within DVD Profiler", DVD Profiler does in fact not recognise the disc by the previously "stored" Disc ID, only by the newly submitted Disc ID. Putting in the disc and asking DVD Profiler to scan the disc will result in this message:

So no, both IDs don't "work the same", unfortunately.

But that does beg the question: Has this ever worked before? Or was it always a "last Disc Id wins" kind of scenario?

Good question.

I tested multiple disc IDs in a single UPC profile using the Warner Archives Victor Victoria Blu-ray profile (888574-407728).

In this profile, the original defective disc ID (DB99CD6367EAF55E) had a scene sequencing error (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcyFbIt3Y28) and was subsequently replaced by the fixed disc ID (652DF681D5477119). The UPC profile had both disc IDs added in 2016 (the fixed disc ID was the last one added to the profile).

Using Add by Disc ID option for both discs reported the same UPC profile (with different disc ID suffix displayed).
If I deleted the UPC profile and Add by Disc ID using the defective disc, I end up downloading the UPC profile with the fixed disc ID (last one added).

Using "Scan by DVD-ROM" option produces different results depending on which disc ID is stored locally (it may be locked). It will either find the local profile or prompt you to add the profile to your collection (and change the disc ID to the last added ID in the downloaded profile).

The above results were the same using DVD 4.0 on either Win7 or Win10.

So whilst it appears true that multiple disc IDs may be stored in the online UPC profile, it is the last disc ID added that is used for subsequent downloads.
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Quoting DJ Doena:
Yeah me too. About once a day for the past few weeks the site is unreachable for a few hours and then it's just back again. I don't know if it's a DNS issue or what it is.

The Invelos site is not having technical problems, it's your local telco's DNS servers that may be experiencing some sort of DNS denial-of-service attack. To get around this temporarily, use the Windows host file and add the IP address of the Invelos web site.

Suggest try adding the following entry to your local HOST file in the Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder:
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If we treat Edition name as a title then the size of the letters or the spacing between the letters in EACH word is irrelevant.

If we treat the Edition name as a sentence then it may be subject to writing rules and re-formatted.

I believe the Edition name is a title not a sentence.

Also, the Edition name in question is in Times New Roman font and the hyphen is definitely of a larger font size than the letters (check the hyphen height with respect to D and G in Times New Roman font).  So maybe the spaces surrounding the hyphen are larger as well. The assumption all spaces are equal is questioned as there may be some spaces more equal than others.
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Just so I understand your reason for voting "NO", is it because you believe it is breaking DVD Profiler or is it because it's just invalid data?

Also, does "I'm rendering no votes on incorrect DVD Disc ID contributions" include non-UPC DVD Disc-ID profiles as well?

If so, how are you going to vote "NO" and stop the invalid data (non-UPC Disc ID profile) from being submitted or are you going to submit updates to have them removed?  In which case, how are people going to create new DVD Box sets or Combo Sets under Win10 in future?

Thanks for any feedback.
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Just do a Forum search: http://www.invelos.com/Forums.aspx?task=search

Search For = branching
Search In = Entire Message
Search Forum =  DVD Profiler -> Contribution Forum
Search By Date = Any Date

and take your pick of a previous discussion about the same matter.

I agree with T!M and his approach to the matter.
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Quoting Wigram:
Quoting T!M:
As of yet, the problem solely occurs with profiles that were originally submitted with the Disc ID as read out by Windows 10, and in which that Disc ID was later replaced with the "as read with AnyDVD" (or Win7) Disc ID.

I just submitted a contribution to Sense and Sensibility (043396115996) which restores the DiscID to  pre-2018 conditions. When approved, it should provide a suitable profile for testing.

Just for reference purposes, can you please advise the following information:
1. AnyDVD version number
2. Windows version number

Topic Replies: 158, Topic Views: 10712
Quoting Wigram:
Quoting ObiKen:
New DVD Disc-ID profiles, created under Win10 v1809 or later, do show up in the "Add DVD by Disc ID" screen.

Tested this by deleting several DVD child Disc ID profiles and successfully adding them back via "Add DVD by Disc ID".

Are you running AnyDVD? If so, you have to disable it for that to work, No?

AnyDVD is NOT installed on my system.  I raised this issue a year ago on 07-Jul-2019 (page 5) and it hasn't changed with respect to DVDs.

In addition, I also note from further testing that the "Add DVD by Disc ID" screen also doesn't appear to work correctly (that is, no valid UPC results) for Blu-ray and 4K UPC profiles when their UPC disc IDs were added and approved from Jan2017 and onwards.

On the other hand, any Disc ID profile created using Blu-ray/4K discs will display matching Disc ID profiles in the "Add DVD by Disc ID" screen, irrespective of when it was created.
Topic Replies: 158, Topic Views: 10712
New DVD Disc-ID profiles, created under Win10 v1809 or later, do show up in the "Add DVD by Disc ID" screen.

Tested this by deleting several DVD child Disc ID profiles and successfully adding them back via "Add DVD by Disc ID".
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Sorry, but that film was released as Hell's Bloody Devils, it utilised the same original camera negative, just with some modifications.
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Sorry to throw this spanner into the works.

Look at the BBFC link for "Smashing the Crime Syndicate":

It shows the film was classified in 1974 for the UK release by Ember Films, that's four years after "Hell's Bloody Devils" release in the US.

I always thought that "Operation M" was the working title and "The Faker$" was the unreleased original title of the finished film before it was shelved (because they could not find a distributor). The 1968 copyright was for this film and should not be construed as a release date.

In 1970, Al Adamson and partners formed there own distribution company called "Independent-International Pictures Corporation", and following the success of the first film distributed, "Satan's Sadists", they began to look at some of their shelved/unfinished films.  "Hell's Bloody Devils" was created by deleting scenes and adding biker gang scenes to their shelved "The Faker$" film, ostensibly for the drive-in market.

My thinking is the film was produced by an American film company, so original title (as per DVDP rules) is the one used in the country of origin, namely, "Hell's Bloody Devils".

As "Hell's Bloody Devils" was the first released version of the film, any original song credits are valid for that film.

Any other subsequent released version I would consider to be a different cut of the original version ("Hell's Bloody Devils"), so including the original song writing credits would be valid as long as you had:

Title:  Smashing the Crime Syndicate/The Faker$
Original Title: Hell's Bloody Devils

Just my thoughts on how to solve the convoluted filmography of Al Adamson.
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Win10 S-mode is primarily installed as OEM on laptops or in Schools and large-scale enterprises.  It was designed as a light-weight OS to combat the dominance of Google's Chrome OS.

Currently, you can change from Win10 S-mode to normal Win10 mode, but you CANNOT change from normal mode to S-mode.

Updating a normal installation of Windows 10 (Home, Pro) will NOT result in a S-mode version.
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Not my contribution, but this is the line from the rules covering crew (at the bottom of the table):

A Special Effects Coordinator can be added & credited when No Special Effects Supervisor is credited anywhere in the credits

I am assuming it was for the  the role "Visual Effects".
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