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The Element of Crime (Forbrydelsens element): Ahmed El Shenawi. Please note that this is from the Criterion release, which has English end credits. It's quite possible that there are other prints out there, with Danish credits.
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Quoting wazh:
Hope that helps

Thanks for checking. Too bad the disc id issue persists.
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Quoting T!M:
That would be perfectly fine, if only 'Orion: The Man Who Would Be King' was actually present in our database - but as of yet, it isn't. Or have you just submitted it?

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Stewart Copeland - Musician, Composer, Producer, drummer of The Police
BY = 1952
Men at Work, Very Bad Things, Talk Radio, Rumble Fish, Pecker.
official bio

Stewart Copeland - DoP
BY ????
Orion: The Man Who Would Be King

1952 BY accepted on October 4, 2021.
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I'm quite curious if my trusty old Credit Lookup Plus program will still work. It specifically requires a login in Internet Explorer... 
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Quoting ninso4:
Franco Prosperi

Director - La Settima Donna, etc.
aka Franco E. Prosperi / Charles Price
BY= 1926

Director, Writer - Mondo Candido, Wild Beasts, etc
aka Franco E. Prosperi
BY= 1928

Updated imdb link.
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Quoting CinemOpera:
I'm looking at four DVDs in my collection (recent purchases from Dollar Tree) with the same UPC: 828706545201

The Griddle House
The Magic Kids
Monkey King: Hero Is Back
Pagan Warrior

The Dollar Tree titles are legit. You can create duplicates, based on UPC 828706545201, but only in the desktop program.

  • First, add 828706545201 to your collection

  • Select the title, and go to menu DVD --> Change UPC/Locality.

  • Click on the blue arrow icon on the right. "Select/Create Alternate Version"

  • Select 'Create New Alternate Version'

  • Click on OK.

  • Edit the profile for 'The Griddle House' and enter as much data as possible. Please add scans of the cover images.

  • Contribute and wait until it's released into the database.

  • For the next title, you can clone it: After "Select 'Create New Alternate Version', check the box 'Retain existing entry and create a clone'. That way you retain your profile of 'The Griddle House', and you can use the 'clone' for 'The Magic Kids'.
    Repeat until you have 4 clones.
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