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The Predator Disc ID
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I have the 12/18/2018 release of the 4K Predator 4-Movie Collection. The problem I have is I don't have a 4K player in my computer so I can't read the Disc ID. The only 4K versions of this came out the same day. They are the "The Predator: Limited Edition Steelbook" UPC024543-579946 and "The Predator" UPC024543-549123 which is what I used to create 4K part of "The Predator" for my 4K Predator 4-Movie Collection. The Blu-ray portion of this is in the collection under the Disc ID, but not the 4K.

What I need from someone who has this collection and can read Disc IDs, is to insert the 4K disc and make a version or alternate version of it and contribute it. I will then copy all the stuff I have from checking the disc in my 4K player, and will contribute it under the parent, like it's counter part on Blu-ray.

One of these days, I'll get a 4K for my computer...but sadly that's not going to happen yet.

TIA to anyone who can do this.

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