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General DiscussionNew posts in this threadEnglish language additions to the database
I think it's mostly membership declining, which leads to less people contributing.  IMO, the hands-off approach Ken has taken to the software has not helped keep the community engaged, and a disengaged community results in people abandoning the contribution process and just using the software locally.

Danae Cassandra
General DiscussionNew posts in this threadDo you still buy DVDs?  (1 2 )
Haha agreed!  Just working my way thru Frasier on DVD at the moment! 

New Users ForumNew posts in this threadWebsite not secure?  (1 2 )
Hello Guys,

I love physical media anyway. The image and sound was equivalent to listening with the high-end hardware.


Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for make-up artist Ed(ward) Ternes
'Britannic': Edward Ternes  - Make-Up/Hair to JACQUELINE BISSET

'Fascination':  Edward Ternes  - Make-up Design for Ms. Bisset

'Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man': Edward Ternes - Mr. Rourke's Makeup & Hair

'Jesus': Edward Ternes - Miss Bisset's Make up Artist & Hair Stylist

'Choose Me': Ed Ternes - Make-Up

'Portrait of a Showgirl': Ed Ternes - Make-Up