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Capitalization for non-English titles
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantgarmonbozia
Registered: March 20, 2007
United States Posts: 38
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Quoting siboul:

None of the 3 rules presented in that link is entirely right.
Rule #I is the closest. But Un Coeur simple is not correct. It should be Un coeur simple.

The rules to use for capitalization of French titles should be those.

i see what you are saying.  in your link it says only also capitalize the second word with the use of definite articles (le, la, les).....  and I guess do not do so with indefinite articles....  although it seems really odd to me to treat un and une any differently....
DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantsiboul
baron du samedi
Registered: March 20, 2007
France Posts: 8
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This looks odd, I agree... and I don't like this rule.
But that's the way it's supposed to be.

And it makes sense in a way... I think it's actually connected with the way we use film/book titles in a sentence.
Exemple :
- I'm talking about the opening sequence of Chabrol's Le Boucher. It goes : "... dans l'ouverture du Boucher de Chabrol, ..." and the "Le" is gone.
- But if I'm talking about the beginning of Melville's Un flic, it goes : "... au début d'Un flic de Melville, ..." and the "Un" stays.
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