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Watch History (and I thought "Hey ... loom!")
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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile RegistrantStar ContributorDJ Doena
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I watch a lot of TV shows directly from harddrive, especially the ones not yet available on DVD and Blu-ray.

But since I'm watching so many shows sometimes one of them has to go on the back burner. And when later on I want to continue I have to figure out which episode I watched last.

That's why I wrote myself a new tool: WatchHistory. It scans my folder with my video files, presents them all in a list and let's me mark the episodes as watched.

And then I thought "Hey, that would work with Profiler profiles with multiple episodes as well!" and I added that functionality as well.

Watch the following video for details:

Setup: http://doena-soft.de/dvdprofiler/3.9.0/WatchHistorySetup.zip

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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile Registrantmediadogg
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Whoa, nice!

Actually what was more interesting to me than what the thing does, was the elegantly structured code peering from around the edges. Oh man, in my next life, I want to be such a wizard programmer ... 
Thanks for your support.
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