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HTML help
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Registered: April 29, 2017
Netherlands Posts: 4
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Hi supporter, members, etc,
I'm new here but a little familair with DVD Profiler while im using it for a while.
I got a few questions and hope someone can help me out.

I saw some layout using HTML, but I was wonder how some ppls do it.
Like a background image with text and cover on it, a new sight with info etc.

I was wondering how to do that and what things and how to call them out.

Also to change the info on the collection list to thumbnails you can adjust it on
you own taste.
Either the stars or staves have white background even on selected which i cant make
it transparent. Making it transparent make it yellow which I want to avoid.

Is there a way to do this or a layout similair to collection list on thumbnails on the
same way?

If anything is possible, it would be much appreciate because I want to make my own
style of the layout, but need info and or knowlegde how hmtl works in the layout section.

Regards TigerMaster
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