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Pulldown checkbox for crew, not already included in program.
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We have
7 options for Writing, 2 for Production, 3 for Music and 6 for Sound, yet these really technical credits get a single blanket credit to cover a wide variation of credits.

I would really like to see a checkbox for the crew section added for the following categories.

Make-up Artist
Visual Effects
Perhaps even Make-up Effects

For Make-up Artist I'd like to see the following checkbox's added.
Key Make-up Artist
Make-up Artist for (). (where the () is I'd like to see a field where one can enter the actors name they are credited with doing make-up for.
Such as Make-up Artist for Tom Cruise.

I'm sure that I'm missing many more Make-up Artist credit variations.

For Visual Effects:
Visual Effects Supervisor
Special Effects Supervisor
Above two would be entered for abbreviated terms such as VFX Supervisor or the like.
Digital Effects Supervisor

I've seen many time where both a Visual Effects and Special Effects Supervisor are credited right after another and I can't tell one from another.
Sure I could do a custom entry, but these are overwritten by any profile update. No way to have the program ignore custom fields. And for those that don't use or own the particular thing they have no way of knowing which one the person did, Special or Visual Effects.

On a related note, I'd like to see Computer Graphics Supervisor added too to the Visual Effects section.
I think that these are also called CG Supervisors.
We allow Digital Effects Supervisor, so why not this credit.
Especially since today most films/tv shows use Computer Graphics in doing their visual effects.

I'm not that much into Make-up Effects, so perhaps someone can chime in with what pulldown options they'd like to see for the credit. Perhaps something like Prosthetic Make-up.
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I have been using custom roles for this for years, however they do not upload and you can't update from the online without screwing up the rest after that. It's a bug I reported many times and has never been fixed. If you type in the custom role such as "Visual Effects" with "Special Effects Supervisor" you will see it in your local, but not in the online.
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