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M$ really getting annoying...
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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile Registrantspecise_8472
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How many of you get the M$ issue where things just do not go well with your Windows 10?
Strange things happen that force you to as a last resort, do a restart.
Then when you do it you find that updates are ready to install.

Gone are the days where your PC just rebooted spontaneously (loosing work), and now you get various system glitches that force you to reboot.

I suppose it it more preferable than when I was working on some coding, and it just rebooted in the middle of it..no warnings to save work or anything. At least at work we use SCCM and have it set to give 10 hrs notice.

BTW I am running the Enterprise version, if it makes a difference.
DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile Registrantmediadogg
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Feel your pain. I'm never sure about when I will wake up to find the PC rebooted and which settings have been reset. I have begun to sniff out when a big update was pending. System slows to a crawl, then strange errors force you to consider "ah heck, might as well reboot", then you see it. Massive upgrade pending.
Thanks for your support.
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Never had any problems, now or before. I always shutdown the PC, so that may be why.

Using Windows 10 Pro, used to use Windows 7 Pro.
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