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ProfilerQuery 4.8.0

This is an ARU (Annoyance Reducing Update). 

The change in 4.7.0 could severely slow down the loading time, especially for large collections. The measuring of cover image height/width can now be turned on or off through the settings:

If you turn it off, those values will always read 0. Note that measuring is done during loading, so if you turn it on after you have already loaded a collection, you need to re-load it. You don't have to restart the program.

Loading can now be aborted:

This is especially useful if you have a large collection and you start loading it with the cover measuring turned on even though you don't need it.

Finally, for those who want to use ProfilerQuery without HTTPJolie. Trying to connect to HTTPJolie took quite a long time to timeout, during which ProfilerQuery was unresponsive. I have found a better way to do it that is much faster.
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In Edit Collection Categories check Include contents in owned collection for each of your 6 collection categories.
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ProfilerQuery 4.7.0

Minor update: Added the following searchable properties:
- Front Cover Height
- Front Cover Width
- Back Cover Height
- Back Cover Width

Why? Well, when scanning covers, the covers do not automatically get locked. And I frequently forget to lock them. So I wanted to find which of the covers that I had scanned but forgot to lock. Since I scan in a higher resolution than the online covers (150 dpi vs. 100 dpi), I wanted to select those that were wider than downloaded images. I selected to use front cover width. And it seemed logical that if I added that, I might add the other three measurments as well.

Does anyone else need this? I don't know, but I see no reason not to share even minor improvements.
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Quoting ollie501:
I’ve just noticed this as well, as I was planning on buying a new iPad, and checking that my apps would all be ok. It’s still on the Google Play Store, but not the App Store for iOS. Is DVD Profiler dead? I know it hasn’t been updated for a few years, but as it works ok, that’s not too much of an issue. But if it can’t be reinstalled, what alternatives are there? I use my iPad app daily, and would be screwed without it.

I'm in the same predicament. It's been a long time since I switched iPads, so I don't quite remember, but I know that the iCloud backup was a great help in restoring my installed apps. However, I'm not sure how it was done. I suspect that it wasn't a full backup of every app, but rather a list of installed apps and an automatic reinstall of them from the app store. If that's the case then I'm still screwed. But does anyone know for sure how that works?
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In case anyone wonders why Sweden isn't on the list, it's because Amazon Sweden is a bloody joke.
There's hardly a Swedish release to be found there. 
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DpOnlineBrowser 1.3

The main thing in this update is this:

You can now search for the release by UPC on Amazon. This works for localities Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK and USA. The search will be made on the Amazon site for the locality. So if you search for a French release (as in the illustration above), the search will be made on Amazon.fr.

There is a setting that determines how long the program will wait for the Amazon site to load. By default it is 5 seconds. If that turns out not to be enough, increase it. See the help file for more info.

Note that if you get a prompt to accept cookies, the search will fail and you will have to reply to that prompt and then do the search once more.

I have added Case Type to the list of properties that is displayed. Especially for those of you who are interested in steelbooks or slip covers.

There is a new setting that lets you decide if you want the locality suffix included when you do a Copy ID. This is turned off per default.

Finally, there is a kind of an Easter Egg. If you hold down shift when you start the program, an additional feature will be enabled.
See if you can find what it is! 
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When I designed the filter functions, one factor was keeping it simple. Just implement the most important filters. But as I keep using it I realize that there are other filters that I could have considered implementing. If you feel I've missed something important, please let me know.

DpOnlineBrowser's results are only as good as the contents of the Invelos database. So please keep contributing! Thank you!
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Quoting dee1959jay:
Brilliant work!   

Thank you!
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DpOnlineBrowser 1.2

A number of improvements:
1) Filtering the search result
2) Saving the search result to XML
3) Greatly improved cover image quality
4) Ability to show back cover
5) Shows if a Widescreen DVD is anamorphic or not
6) Lists subtitles
7) Showing both total number of credits and number of unique names
8) Looking up cast or crew member in IMDb

1) Filtering. Select Options / Filters from the menu to show the Filters window:

Filtering will remove all entries in the search result that do not match the filter. If you need more filtering options, save the result (see below) and open it in ProfilerQuery.

2) Save search result. Select File / Export to XML from the menu. The profiles in the search result will be saved to an XML file with the same format as the export from DVD Profiler. You can open it in ProfilerQuery for further querying.

Both Filtering and Saving to XML are rather slow since they require the full profiles to be downloaded from Invelos. A fast Internet connection is really helpful here. A progress indicator will be shown and you can abort if you think it takes too long.

4) Ability to show back cover. Right click on the cover image and select Show back cover from the context menu.

7) Cast/crew count. If someone occurs more than once in cast or crew credits, the count will show both total number of credits and number of unique names:

8) IMDb lookup. Right click on a name in cast or crew and select Lookup [name] in IMDb.
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I don't like any of the alternatives. My choice would be:
- Motion Capture Performers should be considered part of the cast only if listed with a role.
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Yeah, I get that. Unfortunately I can't get that info from an existing profile, since it only shows Atmos.
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I was rather afraid that that might be the case.
Since I am filtering purely based on the information in the profiles, I guess I'm out of luck. 
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I'm planning to use filtering in a program to determine if a profile offers lossless audio.
I know that PCM, DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD are lossless, but what about Dolby Atmos?
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DpOnlineBrowser 1.1

Now that mediadogg has released HTTPJolie 1.30 the problem with copying crew has been fixed. In the meantime I have made numerous fixes and enhancements to DpOnlineBrowser.

The most obvious ones are shown above.
- The selected profile now always has a light yellow background. Previously it was sometimes difficult to see which profile was selected when the list didn't have focus.
- The divider between lthe list and the characteristics can now be moved up and down.
- If the selected profile is a boxset child, there will be a link to the parent.
But that's not all. There have been many other tweaks to the user interface.
Hopefully you'll find them useful.
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I have discovered a serious problem with copying crew that is outside of my control, so download of DpOnlineBrowser is temporarily suspended until this problem has been resolved. Current users be aware!

I'm sorry about this. I should have discovered it before releasing the program! 
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DpUpdateCheck 3.2.1
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OverviewCheckPlus 1.0.1

I seem to have used a command in HTTPJolie a bit incorrectly, using a "hole" that the latest version has plugged. I should have read the command syntax better. Mea culpa! 
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Quoting drvrjon:
this program is addicting.  i have been working on my collection for 4 days in a row filling in missing details

Thank you! It's really good to get some feedback. That's the only way I can tell if people are using my tools.
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The iOS app is great as an extension to the desktop app. Standalone it is quite limited in functions.
That's unfortunate, but it's unlikely to change.
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So, why did you not try it the way I suggested?    I said "check Blu-ray" not "uncheck DVD".
Does that not give you the result you wanted?
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Go to the Formats tab in Filters and check Blu-ray. Run your report. That should do it.
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Weather Wars - Thomas L. Callaway

Tom Callaway:
- Earth vs. the Spider
- Mach 2
- Rage and Honor II
- [Mermaid Chronicles Part 1:] She Creature
- Slave Girls From Infinity

DoP on all
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I should mention that by default DpOnlineBrowser will not show profiles that are rated Adult.
You can change that in General settings:

And ... reading the help file is always a good idea. I wrote it for you.
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This program started out as one thing, but during development morphed into something more. Initially I just wanted a simpler way of finding an online profile from which I could copy cast and crew into a local profile. And thanks to mediadogg and HTTPJolie I could do that.

But then it occured to me that it might be nice to see some other interesting characteristics from that profile, in case I would be looking for the best version of certain title. And "best" could mean the correct aspect ratio, the best audio tracks, best runtime or some certain features.

Searching for titles can take some time, especially if you get a lot of search hits. So try to make your searches as specific as you can. If you feel adventurous and you search for "The", then you will have a very long wait that will more than likely end in HTTPJolie crashing. So don't!

DpOnlineBrowser requires HTTPJolie 1.27 (or later).

You can download DpOnlineBrowser 1.0 here.
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Great! Thanks guys!
The Profiler app is the single most important app to me. Now I can upgrade without worrying about it.
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