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Thanks everyone for your help with this. When I get a moment I will try and delete my online database.

Now for the fun part.

I found a way to download my database to the program on my computer.

I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it.  (this left me with an empty database on my computer)

From there I went to

Online > Refresh DVD from Invelos > Refresh Profile and Images

It downloaded my database and now I am happy.

Although it did freeze up downloading images, I was able to end the program, go back into it, and download all of the images again.

I am all set.

Now I just need to find away for my phone to see my network. (my laptop was wireless)

Baby steps. lol
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I have been messing with this online on and off for the past week. Google does not help me.

I backed up my database, like nearly always from my laptop just in time for my laptop to die. YEAH!

So I did a restore database from the saved file on my flash drive.

I added a couple more movies and noticed a problem... my numbers were off.

So I uploaded my movies database from my phone to the online database and found there were many movies missing from the last time I saved on my flash drive.

Can someone tell me how to download my online datablase to my PC so that I can fix the problem?

On a side note... my online database does not show me any titles. It only shows that I have a list of nearly 1,300 movies.
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I have uploaded my DVD's from my phone. However when I go to view them through the website, it does not show me titles of the movies.

In fact, all it shows is the collection number. It doesn't even show the release date.

Also it will not let me click on a collection number either.

Did I do something wrong?
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