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Quoting Danae Cassandra:
While no one can say anything for sure except Ken, I assume development has ceased and will therefore not be disappointed if nothing ever happens and delighted if something did.

That's essentially my feeling, though as many have said in the past, the 'one off fee' business model isn't really sustainable if a product stops growing or doesn't NEED any new features (HDR 10+ box would be nice but hardly necessary and 8K is never going to hit physical).

I (and again others) have said they would be willing to *optionally* pay a small annual fee to keep development going (especially, in my case, support of the Android version to maintain compatibility with new versions of Android, Pixel phones etc.) even if the changes were minor... or helped support tickets etc be addressed.
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Quoting HummerUK:
I just installed this version on my Android 13 tablet and it seems okay.

At your own risk of course.


Can you easily cancel the extortionate fee on that site after the download and before your free period (day) expires?
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