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is there a way to add a sold price? I have a sold category, where I move entires to when I sell them.
would be great to be able to add a sold price, that then you can also filter, or report on etc..
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I have a Mac, and used to use DVDP via Crossover however that started to crash constantly after the 64bit update and latest release of DVDP. 
So I had to look elsewhere, unfortunately I ended up paying for CLZ Movies, both desktop and cloud/mobile.  After some issues importing my DVDP database, it was working ok, but I was not fully satisfied, namely 2 of the biggest issues made me stop using it:
-The way it handles Box Sets/Child Profiles, i.e. just adds them to the main view, so its very hard to understand and looks like there are a lot of doubles of movies.
-Cover images(front/back & Thumbnails) was the biggest dealbreaker, there's no real consistency to how covers are shown/applied to the movies in their database. 

So I'm now back to using DVDP via a virtual machine, VMware fusion.  You also have to ensure the database is stored on the VM, not on the Mac and shared through VMvarehost. This will make DVDP very slow, and freeze at times.  Once I moved the database back to the VM storage, its working fine.  Including sync with iOS.

However the lack of updates on iOS is becoming a problem.. but I'm wary looking for more alternatives after my last experience...
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I would like this as well, surprised that its not already available on Android?  As Batch scan is available on iOS
However since its been 6 years since the original request I won't hold my breath
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