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Still working OK here.
I see that .dvdprofiler files are correctly associated with profiler.
Maybe right-click report downloaded file and use Open With, searching for DVD Profiler manually.
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Quoting The Movieman:
Sounds interesting but while I'm not completely computer illiterate, I'm not comfortable with trying to download that firmware and going through the process only to screw things up which will cost me more than what I'm paying for the drive. 

You are right, I have 'trashed' a couple of drives in the past. Now I have 4x UHD friendly drives so covered for a while. Only annoying thing is that if you put a 4k disk in the drive and do not do anything for several minutes, the drive 'sleeps' and when you try to access the disk all you get is nothing. Need to pop the disk and redo.
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Quoting Rander:
I have not tried it yet, but it seems that most drives capable of running LibreDrive firmware can read 4K-discs.
At least, that what I've gathered from the LibreDrive forum...

You are basically correct, but all manufacturers have changed their firmware to make it harder to read 4k disks. This is to stop 'ripping' of the disks. Workaround is to downgrade firmware to a UHD 'friendly' version.
There is plenty of talk on this on the interwebs. Best place to go is the MakeMKV site and browse the forums, where there are also links to get the correct firmware and how to flash.
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308 with 6 individual on preorder plus

Game Of Thrones Boxset
Hobbit Boxset
LOTR Boxset

All on preorder
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Quoting Addicted2DVD:
Out of dumb curiosity I checked my collection I now have exactly 100 movies on 4K discs!

Yeh, it can get out of control 
I just checked mine and just gone over 300 (302). But things slowing down as the Pandemic has slowed down the release of new things here.
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If internal on same network, why would you need port forwarding.
I had this issue once, and it was firewall on the PC blocking connection.
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The country is going into lock-down in ~48hrs.
Same as other countries, only allowed to Supermarkets, and Medical services. This is to last 4 weeks at this stage.
We now have over 100 cases confirmed, but no deaths yet.
What has kicked this off is that everyone returning to the country has to self isolate for 2 weeks. But a lot of people are just snubbing their noses at this and mingling with people. And as the first 60ish cases were from overseas people returning, this is the only way to stop the spread. We all suffer because of a few arrogant people.

Edit: Now at 155
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Yeah, not trying to hijack thread, but a good chance for users to express how they are affected by the Covid.

Myself, Here in New Zealand I work in IT for a Govt entity and so are working from home now.
I am lucky that I can do all my work from home via VPN. Also the wife is working from home so as not to bring anything home to me as I am currently undergoing chemo, and have a suppressed immune system.
Not cancer, but my immune system is taking a liking to eating my platelets.

So only get the same amount of time to watch movies etc. But save 2 hrs a day on travel.
But on the bright side am not one of the unlucky ones who now do not have a job.
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Opps, my bad.
Anyway here is one way to get what you want, but may not be what you want

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What language do you hack in?

Looks like quite easy to restore window if using 'higher' level language.

if (MyForm.WindowState == FormWindowState.Minimized)
    MyForm.WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal;
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Hope you rest up after working (put your feet up and relax), and enjoy catching up on movies / tv.

As to 4k, the best that has been produced so far is Mortal Engines. Reference quality.
Actually go to Bluray.com and their reviews are pretty good indications of things.

My 4K collection is there under


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Thanks for running with this and updating.
As an aside works perfectly on Server 2019 and IIS.
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Quoting zarquon7:
Quoting DJViking:
Has anyone gone over to using a different application for managing your movie collection?

DVDProfiler has not been updated since 2017. It looks like, for all intents and purposes, to be a dead application, or at least a very stale old application with no future.

The competition My Movies, has on the other hand been updated recently.

I've tried My Movies, but my main problem with it is the lack of a proper Windows application for browsing your collection (other than Windows Media Center, which won't run on a modern PC). Their Windows software is just a functional, but ugly, means of entering titles, any browsing with a proper GUI has to be done on a mobile app. They made a Windows 8 app at one time that had promise, but abandoned it long ago.

And does MyMovies expose an application API that allows us curious ones to build extra functionality into it? Not that I can see. Even if Profiler disappears, I will keep using it as this API functionality is worth more than a flash harry gui, which what most people want now, fancy graphics fronting a poorly written application. Profiler is will written and has no known bugs that cause major issues FMPOV.
Again just my  2 cents worthless.

Some things I use it for are links to the Soundtracks, so just select Movie etc and play soundtrack or theme.
Currently working on Plex integration where I have finally ripped all my media to Plex server, and again use Profiler as a front end to kick off playing of said assets.
On the list is DLNA module so I can do the two above from any device.
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