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IMDB  really does try to improve their own Data
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" First of all Happy New Year to all our fellow contributors!!  .
Hope 2022 will be a formidable year in terms of Health and Well Being. "
So as we all know contributions for 'our'  Invelos data should be taken straight from the 'source materials'  and not from other source data web sites ( i.e.  IMDb )  .. that being said,  we here are always updating audio/video / text corrections and improvements to our own data for shareable imports thru our own valuable data for Invelos to keep in this cloud. ,    but as you know this is a never ending process in which we do take pride in correcting weekly month after month  year after year  since 1998 .
I'm sure a lot of us (including myself) use IMDB on daily basis to check dates and crew / cast members to see who is in that latest movie/video release ,and  even releases decades old . 
So imagine my surprise today when I received a form letter from IMDB to myself  ( and countless millions others) , obviously reveals their countless task in keeping this - their own data in line and as positive as possible.  Thought I'd share this letter here to you ..
Thanks !    -  wiidescreenforever  ,  Terry

<< Dear Terrence Todd,

Welcome to the 27th edition of our annual letter to thank IMDb’s growing worldwide community of data contributors. As in years past, we are giving a special thank you to our Top 300 contributors, whose passion for entertainment makes IMDb better with each passing year. I am IMDb’s Founder & CEO and it is an honour each year, with fellow team member Jennifer, to reflect upon the improvements we have made to IMDb with your help. We marked IMDb’s 31st birthday in October 2021 and the tradition of sending this letter began in 1995 if you would like to catch-up on previous editions.
First, it is important to acknowledge that we are still in the midst of an ongoing and ever-evolving global pandemic and the situation remains difficult for so many. In July we lost a beloved IMDb team member to COVID-19; and although we feel the pain of their absence daily, we also celebrate and cherish their memory. We hope you have all been able to stay safe and well during 2021, and our thoughts and best wishes go out to everyone who is struggling during this unprecedented time.
IMDb is built by you, our data contributors, so thank you again.  Every single data update is important and helps IMDb get closer to achieving its vision of powering the creation, discovery and enjoyment of entertainment everywhere. Entertainment itself continues to evolve with more movies, shows, shorts & games being produced each year. Also, IMDb’s coverage formally expanded to include both podcasts & music videos in 2021 as the boundaries between different media continue to blur. Similarly, IMDb’s reach across more devices, services, locations and languages is expanding, so the content you provide is being appreciated by more people than ever before. If you have not yet contributed any data to IMDb, you can learn more via our Contributor Zone. 
The Numbers
The table at the end of this message shows the number of approved, non-duplicate data items which the Top 300 contributors have submitted in 2021, including corrections and deletions. The total number of contributors exceeded 900,000 people, and since March we have been posting monthly contributor rankings to Sprinklr. We have also made further improvements in terms of both processing times and publishing speed, even with record contribution volumes.
IMDb now includes:
• Over 8.7 million titles with more than 1.25 million added in 2021
• Almost 11.4 million names with over 800,000 added in 2021 (note a change to the counting methodology vs. 2020 due to name merges)
• Almost 155 million filmography credits with more than 16 million added in 2021
• Nearly 6.5 million user reviews with almost 1 million added in 2021
This makes two consecutive years with more than one million new titles added across the twelve months, which now equates to an average of over 3,400 new titles per day! Additional statistics are available in the press room and are updated quarterly.
This year over 16,000 items were required to make it onto the Top Contributors list.
... From a contributor perspective by Jennifer Reiley ...
While 2021 was definitely filled with highs and lows for many, personally I was immensely excited to finally return to the cinema in time to watch No Time To Die, a “must see” on the big screen. I also considered writing this section in the style of Lady Whistledown from Bridgerton but alas, dear reader, I have not. I am thrilled to be able to share the progress we have made over the year with you and want to start by saying thanks. In 2018 we said, “Your contributions can have an enormously wide reach, one that is expanding fast” and this year that statement is truer than ever.
Something that we are particularly excited about this year was the expansion of title types supported by IMDb to include Podcasts and Music Videos! In October, we launched the first new title in 16 years -- Podcast Series and Episodes -- followed quickly by the launch of Music Videos in November. It’s a very exciting time for us to provide these new entertainment categories, and appreciate all of your contributions and support along the way. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the new contribution form for adding a podcast or music video, and if you are interested in learning more about contributing a podcast or music video, you can visit our Submission Guide.
We have also been doing a lot of work to support our global contributor base, improving functionality and offerings. For example, we enabled contribution of Devanagari (Hindi script) Alternate Titles and launched non-English plot outlines on IMDb title pages. We remain committed to improving the experience for our global contributor base, so stay tuned for ongoing improvements in this area!
We continue to invest in IMDb Answers, a tool designed to help you contribute in a fast and easy way by answering the most up-to-date feed of questions. In July, we launched the IMDb Answers Top Gap feature across all IMDb title pages and added release dates and certificates question types to the new IMDb Answers experience.
As a reminder, we continuously update the Contributor Help section by adding and revising submission guides, such as the addition of the guide for Showrunners and Head writers and updates to the Name guide to support Eastern Name formatting. This remains the place to keep up-to-date on how to contribute to IMDb. You may have also noticed that we have added a survey to the bottom of each guide, so you can let us know if the guide was useful or let us know when we need to make clarifications.
We’ve also been making some exciting updates for industry professionals using IMDbPro. In March, we added the ability to contribute a department head attribute and in July, we launched primary profession selection in IMDbPro which allows IMDbPro members the ability to control how and what profession is displayed on their name pages across IMDb and IMDbPro. This change improves name discoverability, so members can promote themselves, get hired, grow their network, and advance their career. We also launched the ability to set a primary contact to help industry professionals quickly reach the right person.
As always, I want to thank you for making IMDb the world’s most trusted source for movie, TV, and entertainment content. Entertainment fans like you are essential to our success, and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback to improve IMDb. As a reminder, we welcome your thoughts, questions and feedback on our Community forum which we actively monitor and engage on – head on over to share your thoughts!
... From a customer perspective by Col Needham ...
One of the exciting things about working at IMDb is that new content is added by the minute; we are also always updating the software which drives the features and services built on top of this content.  In July we completed the launch of our new title pages which use a responsive design on new scaleable technology.  We have recently completed the beta testing of a new multi-language experience across all of the pages built on this new technology (including title, home, photos and video) which provides access to the labels and some content across several languages according to customer location and preferences. A formal launch will be ready in 2022, and more translated pages will be supported as we move further onto the new technology.  We have also started to localize search results across the site and apps to make titles easier to find.
Speaking of ever-expanding features, see the release notes for our mobile apps in the iOS and Android stores for details of new features added throughout 2021.
You may have seen video playing an increasing role across IMDb.  We cover filmed (and more) entertainment and so it is only natural to weave more video into the IMDb experience itself. See our (virtual) awards and festival coverage. In addition to many new original videos, we produced a second series of our podcast Movies That Changed My Life, and launched a new podcast IMDb Is Obsessed.  You can learn more in our Podcasts section.
For US, and now UK customers too, we added movies and shows to our free advertising supported streaming service, IMDb TV, which is available on many of the devices having access to Amazon Prime Video.  We have also expanded the number of streaming providers supported by our “watch” buttons directly on IMDb title pages and our What to Watch section, plus other where-to-watch features across the site and apps.
Our annual Best Of section is the biggest ever, looking at top names, titles, trends, and more across 2021, including a highly entertaining video of IMDb “Breakout” STARmeter award winner, Ben Barnes accepting his award and talking about his varied roles and career thus far.
You can also follow us on our various social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube. Thanks also to our poll community for creating such engaging content for fans. You are always welcome to vote or even submit your own polls.
For our entertainment industry professional customers, we made further improvements to IMDbPro and Box Office Mojo.  We highlighted additional  industry lists on the IMDbPro homepage and have continued enhancing our beta product, IMDbPro Discover.  We also supported several industry events throughout the year, including The Sundance Film Festival and The Toronto International Film Festival, as well as inclusion initiatives such as The Easterseals Film Disability Challenge and the Media Access Awards, The OUTFEST LA Film Festival and the Legacy Awards, and The Women in Film & TV UK Awards. We once again provided data to ReFrame as the basis for their ReFrame Stamp initiative to highlight gender-balanced TV and film productions.
We are hiring to support our continued growth, and now offer virtual opportunities, so if you would like to join our team of passionate entertainment and tech professionals, or would like to recommend a qualified friend, please see our jobs page.
The Future
25 December 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of the release of Grand Canyon which contains my all-time favourite movie quote, “All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.”  I love this quote because it highlights the power of movies and TV to inform and entertain their audiences; by watching, people can be transported to other times, other places, other cultures, and to imaginary worlds, both past, present and future. The possibilities are endless.  As humans we love to hear stories, to watch stories, and to tell stories. We feel very honoured at IMDb to help connect storytellers to their audiences and to help people discover great new things to watch, or learn more about what they have watched already and the people who made it possible. We want to share our love of entertainment with the world. Technology is rapidly changing how entertainment is made and how it is delivered to audiences.  Whatever takes shape, we want to be alongside you -- our contributors and customers -- on new journeys of entertainment discovery.
Thank you again for all of your support during the year. As always, ideas and constructive feedback are welcome via Sprinklr, where you can also propose and vote upon ideas, including those pertaining to the following topics:  IMDb, data,  iOS, Android and IMDbPro. This letter will be posted to Sprinklr. If you are not in the Top 300 contributors this year and would like to know how much data you contributed along with your position outside of the Top 300, please post a reply to the announcement on Sprinklr.
We wish you a Happy New Year!
Col Needham
IMDb Founder and CEO
on behalf of the whole IMDb Team

Rank  Submissions  Nickname
1 3,232,592  inespape-1
2 1,404,109  matthias_metzger
3 780,926 formulakaz
4 732,535 xylit333
5 678,687 MAthePA
6 592,947 Gabrielfox
7 551,268 Nomissimon10
8 522,702 cinelamour
9 457,368 ron_whisky
10 362,604 michaelfool
11 343,478 SkipEastport
12 296,397 Woodyanders
13 247,822 Perspicuity1
14 246,010 11433Sthlm
15 240,901 harrisonjiang-78175
16 239,738 Mark_a_Wood
17 208,194 raympretorius
18 193,331 ctfabian
19 183,962 pegg1976
20 179,951 dscbulkmail-amazon
21 178,485 joeddelozier
22 168,231 Blaine1942
23 157,237 denny-27
24 155,019 slordoshoes
25 149,952 Happy_Evil_Dude
26 149,853 farhanazhari05
27 149,351 Holojarg
28 149,106 Stevarooni
29 146,389 sundevilemily
30 140,348 mohgamam
31 136,131 KaramXXV
32 133,003 Huggo
33 126,236 vorachotes
34 120,143 Kurre
35 118,899 soma-2
36 115,533 hotjamieskinner
37 114,457 tazjjh
38 112,839 Sleugercios
39 106,964 geeked-out-4-movies
40 106,435 ind3
41 105,943 lapantera
42 105,585 capamaroux-1
43 104,558 GusF
44 101,811 shatterdaymorn
45 101,407 FahimShahriar45
46 99,960 dk_schiff
47 99,855 prudi-272-737983
48 99,560 yook
49 96,498 BonaFideBOSS
50 95,222 zoltanakos
51 94,336 Invisible2015
52 94,260 philipfhayes
53 94,187 sarge-19
54 93,581 emiebocalbos-jp
55 93,333 PierreLeewes-2
56 92,454 chribren
57 90,678 gurer-65810
58 90,654 ahmetkozan
59 89,981 trotter1954
60 86,695 essmom
61 83,576 thomaswake16
62 82,925 vielguillaume
63 81,515 lor_
64 81,427 scharlachred
65 81,385 lecoinducinephage
66 79,770 LoginTo
67 78,861 dbassler1304
68 77,983 eknowlson
69 77,907 Simba63
70 75,930 jimjo1216
71 75,053 elouie-53670
72 74,534 batshoncristiano
73 74,133 tashrimac
74 73,953 bbmtl-21883
75 73,454 martinchinwuba
76 73,292 Ioana_St
77 71,592 Greg75
78 69,395 Valkyrslayer
79 68,573 LargoDonWen
80 68,295 migueloliveiramonteiro
81 68,128 scgary66
82 66,798 The_Movie_Cat
83 64,817 davefoss
84 64,635 Lenonn
85 63,370 Chip_douglas
86 62,935 mitchelvwijk
87 62,723 akira625
88 61,564 mariojacobs
89 61,286 skillwithaquill
90 59,890 Col Needham
91 59,431 Rain85
92 59,298 Matt-Affleck
93 57,985 tmariotoledo
94 57,444 jmgr-86592
95 57,341 spring_migrant
96 57,049 arturo_smallcharm
97 56,469 tmfraga
98 56,052 McBE92
99 55,942 ETZ_Critic
100 54,967 jwelch-21319
101 54,834 abtheboss
102 54,782 tahagumustg
103 54,565 Channing_F
104 54,435 vondiesel-1
105 53,859 mnmonteiro
106 52,908 slownet2
107 52,353 elouie2000
108 52,022 nickromm
109 51,144 thebreadladyky
110 50,078 horn-5
111 49,114 britstuff
112 48,772 benhampel
113 48,483 SlyFan180
114 48,467 Velaska_official
115 48,452 danstarr69
116 48,049 pampeano2882
117 47,912 ebrahimiexe
118 47,402 zoroman2008
119 47,116 Lara_Cain
120 46,151 jb71a
121 45,352 srinivastarun
122 45,279 gal bela
123 44,802 brainybrailler
124 44,027 Leffaneuvos
125 42,646 DmitryKantorov
126 42,211 mneu-22567
127 42,164 ianlueck
128 41,908 J. Spurlin
129 41,401 mtfaulknertn
130 41,219 rharlan58
131 40,876 marty602
132 40,651 vande
133 40,522 tillmany
134 40,443 jan_nihilation
135 40,359 Tarkin
136 39,994 nelliepants
137 39,375 ljdoncel
138 38,826 GBrazier
139 38,028 NickRiganas
140 37,521 FangsNL
141 37,367 maaarun
142 37,270 MrIQ
143 37,101 Sosna95
144 37,002 PierreS
145 36,308 azuraring-84989
146 35,962 jerrygauthier
147 35,800 Cyborg89
148 35,692 yossi-tissona
149 35,688 jg-50323
150 35,503 SchaiDog
151 35,313 RoderichFM
152 35,294 izko-35160
153 35,273 shrinivasgkulkarni
154 35,133 Zalhera
155 34,506 madhuc
156 34,142 tityron
157 34,085 projectobjectvault
158 33,814 postlopez
159 33,641 carllh
160 33,420 Jukka_A
161 33,413 pizarron-00920
162 33,083 benourdog
163 32,854 mysteriousbluebox
164 32,151 arshela
165 32,109 fredcdobbs5
166 31,978 matrix11001
167 31,685 norbertcreutz
168 31,567 paulparisot
169 31,467 marcial84
170 31,214 girlygirl9983
171 31,083 Tarhaseppo
172 30,993 klmnop87
173 30,580 hm-2021
174 30,456 mcwelch7
175 30,400 robetsonian
176 30,294 bta98
177 29,999 RioNice
178 29,895 mririv
179 29,688 Sasu
180 29,623 ayumihamasakifan
181 29,358 Peter-Patrick76
182 29,341 Godslaye
183 29,238 snazzyleo-40564
184 28,632 fkevin-94651
185 28,475 sweet_fluffy_puppy
186 28,401 manzanamx1
187 28,137 verokjon
188 27,865 surenpbharadwaj
189 27,697 Akasava
190 27,678 jostimor
191 27,563 abby_fdez
192 27,482 NoRa_FoKa
193 26,914 PJ66MR
194 26,804 tanrub
195 26,738 Mjollnir
196 26,589 linus2001
197 26,489 rnahigian
198 26,459 mmeijlof
199 26,225 stefanocappuccio-sc
200 25,874 aapraje
201 25,438 Dekkappai
202 25,431 E-Kartoffel
203 25,374 Cecchini-
204 24,827 niunoniotro
205 24,730 supermarketuldefilme
206 24,541 livewirebryant-58232
207 24,520 CPPB-Int
208 24,466 saebaby86
209 24,326 klier_leon
210 24,241 JohnBahn
211 24,053 Solar_Dragon
212 23,985 gblake1115
213 23,968 farhanazhariannuar
214 23,915 davidsontrent
215 23,843 kashyapchandhock
216 23,831 weller79
217 23,815 kimberly_melville
218 23,792 calderdo
219 23,704 mkcvxiii
220 23,648 smcgann14
221 23,607 dj-dom
222 23,593 Travis_Bickle92
223 23,516 RitaAbbas
224 23,450 The_Professor_Scary
225 23,288 glf-5
226 23,204 allarago
227 23,191 jpedroccarvalho
228 22,837 thebrotherfamily
229 22,762 Sizzith
230 22,443 kuldeepchauhan_331
231 22,428 JasonIK75
232 22,390 naliacr
233 22,372 cinemacriterion
234 22,255 amickbyron
235 22,125 mbjwilkins
236 22,027 cbrubaker
237 21,986 edwardhewitt65
238 21,970 digital-18070
239 21,967 marilyng-08110
240 21,612 invisec
241 21,602 solnoms
242 21,150 TrivWhiz
243 20,964 VinnieRattolle
244 20,860 zedmusic
245 20,784 bdparavi
246 20,631 mekmekb
247 20,554 Lujuriaa
248 20,476 info-68530
249 20,467 Littleman95
250 20,291 anthony-42000
251 20,256 ehren-50501
252 20,251 newyorkinspace
253 20,128 ccoyle36
254 20,040 Noirdame79
255 19,996 cyberlioness
256 19,990 SlapCapFever
257 19,978 Hurdy_Gurdy_Man
258 19,917 jmarkoff2
259 19,848 pbn
260 19,686 Fettzilla85
261 19,678 hershiser2
262 19,546 vikrantkhanna-75586
263 19,384 suprabj0083
264 19,299 Ron
265 19,288 JamesLeeHunt
266 19,192 skok
267 19,155 Kari Hakkinen
268 18,914 basakm-58738
269 18,897 ulf-635-523367
270 18,874 NoWireHangers
271 18,841 jrommz
272 18,737 arorashadow_2003
273 18,724 AhmedDaReviewer
274 18,640 jp_91
275 18,590 moviemanager2
276 18,515 kenichiku
277 18,444 robiics
278 18,382 J-R-Dickson
279 18,216 k-vissers
280 18,200 Numpty-Twonk
281 18,172 Bonnascope
282 18,111 richboy_is_dead
283 17,979 Cracker05
284 17,848 SteveResin
285 17,824 maiwenn-imdb
286 17,817 sambarian
287 17,790 rnibedit
288 17,725 TVBuff90
289 17,576 cobratecobrate
290 17,568 Jens Christian Skov
291 17,516 neilr64
292 17,367 skzanthosh-41541
293 17,187 ncottone-28464
294 17,100 rvindas-38328
295 16,813 Majon1
296 16,739 Tom-413
297 16,698 slicknickxp
298 16,664 martindano
299 16,661 aghaemi
300 16,625 ElectricBeelsebub  >>>
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Quoting widescreenforever:
So imagine my surprise today when I received a form letter from IMDB to myself  ( and countless millions others) , obviously reveals their countless task in keeping this - their own data in line and as positive as possible.

Thanks for sharing, though this doesn't surprise me in the least.  It's been evident to me that IMDb data has gotten better over time.

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I reported an error on IMDb years ago and it still hasn't been fixed.  In the 1962 Orson Welles film "The Trial," the actress who plays Joseph's teenage cousin is uncredited in the film.  I bought this published screenplay and it shows the actress's name to be Maydra Shore.  TCM's website also credits her as Maydra Shore.  And yet IMDb lists her as "Naydra Shore."  I spotted and reported that error at least 10 years ago, but it still isn't fixed.
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Yeah I even tried to join and fix/add info and it didn't help. None of my stuff fixes or new were accepted.
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Quoting movie_madness:
I reported an error on IMDb years ago and it still hasn't been fixed.

I had a similar experience where the correction of a character's name was repeatedly declined. The solution was to contact IMDb via https://help.imdb.com/contact and explain the situation. After doing that the name was changed.
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I recently contributed a change that a CastCrewEdit2 user of mine noticed where the symbol "<" actually made it into the source code of the erbsite and in HTML this is a specific character that needs to be encoded if it's meant as plain text and it was approved very quickly.

I also made changes to Lucifer episode character names (which were missing) and also switched two Supergirl episode numbers around because they were aired in the wrong chronological order (from the narrative point of view and the switch was done due to real-world events) and all of it was approved.
DVD Collectors Online

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