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3-Strip Technicolor Films - A Reference List
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I haven't updated new DVD availability in a while, but I'm bringing this over from IVS.

This list is available with more info in a cool database format.

I have a growing appreciation for the 3-strip Technicolor films of the 1930's-1950's. I discovered Robert A. Harris' list of these films in one of his columns at The Digital Bits. He has graciously granted his permission to me to bring his data here. I hope this list will serve to help others who love these unique films...and would like to collect them on DVD. 

This is a list of only those films which were photographed using the 3-strip film process and printed using the imbibition dye transfer process. Technicolor continues as a printing process; however, it's the combination of the photography method and the printing method that makes these films special.

It's an incomplete list. Feel free to post corrections. I would like to keep up with increased the font for those titles that are available on DVD. At this point, I've selected titles that either are now or have been in print in any region and in any quality.

We'll see how the list develops...

Each listing currently shows the film name, studio, and director of photography within groupings by year.


Flowers and Trees (short) (Disney)


The Cat and the Fiddle (sequence) (MGM) - Rennahan
La Cucaracha (short) (RKO) - Rennahan
Hollywood Party (sequence) (MGM) - Howe
House of Rothschld (sequence) (Fox) - Marley
Kid Millions (last reel) (Goldwyn/Universal) - Rennahan


Becky Sharp (RKO) - Rennahan
Legong: The Dance of the Virgins (Paramount) - Greene
The Little Colonel (sequence) (Fox) - Skall


The Dancing Pirate (RKO) - Skall
The Garden of Allah (Selznick/Universal) - Greene
Ramona (Fox) - Skall
Trail of the Lonesome Pine (Paramount) - Greene


Coronation Film (British, Independent)
Ebb Tide (Paramount) - Rennahan
God's Country and the Women (Warner Bros.) - Gaudio
Nothing Sacred (Selznick/Universal) - Greene
A Star is Born (Selznick/Universal) - Greene
Victoria the Great (sequences) (British/RKO) - Young/Skall
Vogues of 1938 (Universal) - Rennahan
When's Your Birthday? (RKO) - Robinson
Wings of the Morning (British, FOX) - Cardiff/Rennahan


The Adventures of Robin Hood (Warner Bros.) - Gaudio
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Selznick/Universal) - Greene
Divorce of Lady X (British) - Stradling
The Drum (British, Universal) - Perinal
Gold is Where You Find It (Warner Bros.) - Polito
The Goldwyn Follies (Universal) - Toland
Heart of the North (Warner Bros.) - Cline/O'Connell
Her Jungle Love (Paramount) - Rennahan
Kentucky (Warner Bros.) - Rennahan/Palmer
Men with Wings (Paramount) - Greene
Sixty Glorious Years (British, RKO) - Young
Sweethearts (MGM) - Davey/Marsh
Valley of the Giants (Warner Bros.) - Polito


Dodge City (Warner Bros.) - Polito
Drums Along the Mohawk (Fox) - Rennahan/Glennon
Four Feathers (British, Universal) - Perinal
Gone with the Wind (Selznick/MGM) - Haller/Garmes
Hollywood Cavalcade (Fox) - Davey/Palmer
Ice Follies of 1939 (MGM) - Marsh
Jesse James (Fox) - Greene/Barnes
The Little Princess (Fox) - Skall
The Mikado (British, U) - Skall
Over the Moon (British, Universal) - Stradling
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (Warner Bros.) - Polito
Swanee River (Fox) - Glennon
The Wizard of Oz (MGM) - Rosson
The Women (sequence) (MGM) - Marsh


Bitter Sweet (Fox) - Davey/Marsh
The Blue Bird (Fox) - Miller
Chad Hanna (Paramount) - Rennahan/Palmer
Doctor Cyclops (Paramount) - Hoch/Sharp
Down Argentine Way (Fox) - Rennahan/Shamroy
Irene (RKO) - Metty
Maryland (Fox) - Barnes
Northwest Mounted Police (Paramount) - Greene/Milner
Northwest Passage (MGM) - Skall
Return of Frank James (Fox) - Barnes
The Thief of Bagdad (Universal) - Perinal
Typhoon (Paramount) - Mellor
Untamed (Paramount) - Tover


Aloma of the South Seas (Paramount) - Cline/Snyder/Struss
Bahama Passage (Paramount) - Tover
Belle Star (Fox) - Rennahan/Palmer
Billy the Kid (MGM) - Skall/Smith
Blood and Sand (Fox) - Rennahan/Palmer
Blossoms in the Dust (MGM) - Freund/Greene
Dive Bomber (Warner Bros.) - Glennon/Hoch
Fiesta (Universal) - Gilks/Pittack
Louisiana Purchase (Paramount) - Rennahan
Moon Over Miami (Fox) - Davey/Shamroy
Reluctant Dragon (Disney/RKO) - Glennon/Hoch
The Shepherd of the Hills (Paramount) - Greene/Lang
Smilin' Through (Paramount) - Smith
That Night in Rio (Fox) - Rennahan/Shamroy
Virginia (Paramount) - Glennon/Skall
Week-End in Havana (Fox) - Palmer
Western Union (Fox) - Davey/Cronjager


Arabian Nights (Universal) - Greene
Beyond the Blue Horizon (Paramount) - Mellor/Boyle
The Black Swan (Fox) - Shamroy
Captains of the Clouds (Warner Bros.) - Polito
The Forest Rangers (Paramount) - Lang/Skall
Jungle Book (Universal) - Greene/Garmes
The Moon and Sixpence (Universal) - Seitz
My Gal Sal (Fox) - Palmer
Reap the Wild Wind (Paramount) - Skall/Milner
Song of the Islands (Fox) - Palmer
Springtime in the Rockies (Fox) - Palmer
Thunder Birds (Fox) - Palmer
To the Shores of Tripoli (Fox) - Skall/Cronjager


Best Foot Forward (MGM) - Smith
Coney Island (Fox) - Palmer
Crash Dive (Fox) - Shamroy
The Desert Song (Warner Bros.) - Glennon
The Desperadoes (Columbia) - Davey
Dixie (Paramount) - Mellor
Du Barry Was a Lady (MGM) - Freund
For Whom the Bell Tolls (Paramount) - Rennahan
The Gang's All Here (Fox) - Cronjager
Happy Go Lucky (Paramount) - Cline/Struss
Heaven Can Wait (Fox) - Cronjager
Hello, Frisco, Hello (Fox) - Davey/Clarke
Lassie Come Home (MGM) - Smith
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (British, Universal) - Perinal
My Friend Flicka (Fox) - Clarke
Phantom of the Opera (Universal) - Greene
Riding High (Paramount) - Hallenburger/Struss
Sweet Rosie O'Grady (Fox) - Palmer
This is the Army (Warner Bros.) - Glennon
White Savage (Universal) - Snyder/White


Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Universal) - Greene
An American Romance (MGM) - Rosson
Bathing Beauty (MGM) - Stradling/Weisbarth
Belle of the Yukon (RKO) - Rennahan
Broadway Rhythm (MGM) - Smith
Buffalo Bill (Fox) - Shamroy
Can't Help Singing (Universal) - Bredell/Greene
The Climax (Universal) - Greene
Cobra Woman (Universal) - Greene
Cover Girl (Columbia) - Davey
Frenchman's Creek (Paramount) - Barnes
Greenwich Village (Fox) - Shamroy
Gypsy Wildcat (Universal) - Greene
Home in Indiana (Fox) - Cronjager
Irish Eyes are Smiling (Fox) - Jackson
Kismet (MGM) - Rosher
Lady in the Dark (Paramount) - Rennahan
Meet Me in St. Louis (MGM) - Folsey
National Velvet (MGM) - Smith
Pin Up Girl (Fox) - Palmer
The Princess and the Pirate (RKO) - Milner
Rainbow Island (Paramount) - Struss
Shine on Harvest Moon (Warner Bros.) - Edeson
Something for the Boys (Fox) - Palmer
The Story of Dr. Wassell (Paramount) - Milner
This Happy Breed (British/Universal) - Neame
Thousands Cheer (MGM) - Folsey
The Three Caballeros (Disney/RKO) - Rennahan
Up in Arms (RKO) - Rennahan
Western Approaches aka The Raider (British, Independent) - Cardiff
Wilson (Fox) - Shamroy


Anchors Aweigh (MGM) - Boyle
Diamond Horeshoe (Fox) - Palmer
Blithe Spirit (British, Universal) - Neame
Bring on the Girls (Paramount) - Struss
The Dolly Sisters (Fox) - Palmer
Frontier Gal (Universal) - Boyle
Incendiary Blonde (Paramount) - Rennahan
It's a Pleasure (RKO) - Rennahan
Leave Her to Heaven (Fox) - Shamroy
Nob Hill (Fox) - Cronjager
The Picture of Dorian Gray (sequence) (MGM) - Stradling
Salome Where She Danced (Universal) - Greene
San Antonio (Warner Bros.) - Glennon
Son of Lassie (MGM) - Schoenbaum
A Song to Remember (Columbia) - Davey
The Spanish Main (RKO) - Barnes
State Fair (Fox) - Shamroy
Sudan (Universal) - Robinson
A Thousand and One Nights (Columbia) - Rennahan
Thrill of a Romance (MGM) - Stradling
Thunderhead, Son of Flicka (Fox) - Clarke
Tonight and Every Night (Columbia) - Maté
Where Do We Go from Here? (Fox) - Shamroy
Wonder Man (RKO) - Milner
Yolanda and the Thief (MGM) - Rosher


The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (Columbia) - Gaudio
Blue Skies (Paramount) - Lang/Snyder
Caesar and Cleopatra (British, Universal) - Cardiff
California (Paramount) - Rennahan
Canyon Passage (Universal) - Cronjager
Courage of Lassie (MGM) - Smith
Do You Love Me (Fox) - Cronjager
Duel in the Sun (SRO) - Garmes/Rennahan/Rosson
Easy to Wed (MGM) - Stradling
The Harvey Girls (MGM) - Folsey
Holiday in Mexico (MGM) - Stradling
I've Always Loved You (Republic) - Gaudio
The Jolson Story (Columbia) - Walker
The Kid from Brooklyn (RKO) - Toland
The Laughing Lady (British, Independent) - Unsworth
London Town aka My Heart Goes Crazy (Independent) - Hillier
Margie (Fox) - Clarke
A Matter of Life and Death (British, Universal) - Cardiff
Men of Two Worlds aka Kisenga, Man of Africa (Independent) - Dickinson
Night and Day (Warner Bros.) - Skall
Night in Paradise (Universal) - Greene/Mohr
Renegades (Columbia) - Snyder
Smoky (Fox) - Clarke
Song of the South (Disney/RKO) - Toland
Three Little Girls in Blue (Fox) - Palmer
Till the Clouds Roll By (MGM) - Stradling
The Time, the Place and the Girl (Warner Bros.) - Edeson/Skall
The Virginian (Paramount) - Hallenburger
Wake Up and Dream (Fox) - Jackson
The Yearling (MGM) - Rosher
Ziegfeld Follies (MGM) - Rosher/Folsey


Black Narcissus (Universal) - Cardiff
Blanche Fury (Eagle-Lion) - Green
Captain from Castile (Fox) - Clarke
Carnival in Costa Rica (Fox) - Jackson
Desert Fury (Paramount) - Cronjager
Down to Earth (Columbia) - Maté
Fiesta (MGM) - Rosher
Forever Amber (Fox) - Shamroy
Fun and Fancy Free (Disney/RKO) - Boyle
Good News (MGM) - Schoenbaum
Gunfighters (Columbia) - Jackman
The Homestretch (Fox) - Arling
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now? (Fox) - Palmer
An Ideal Husband (Fox) - Périnal
Jassy (Universal) - Unsworth
Life with Father (Warner Bros.) - Skall
The Man Within aka The Smugglers (British, Eagle-Lion) -
Mother Wore Tights (Warner Bros.) - Jackson
My Wild Irish Rose (Warner Bros.) - Skall
The Perils of Pauline (Paramount) - Rennahan
Pirates of Monterey (Universal) - Greene/Hallenberger/Mohr
The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (Universal) - Metty
Secret Life of Walter Mitty (RKO) - Garmes
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (Fox) - Shamroy
Sinbad the Sailor (RKO) - Barnes
Slave Girl (Universal) - Greene
Song of Scheherazade (Universal) - Skall
This Time for Keeps (MGM) - Freund
Thunder in the Valley (Fox) - Clarke
Tycoon (RKO) - Greene/Wild
Unconquered (Paramount) - Rennahan
The Unfinished Dance (MGM) - Surtees


Apartment for Peggy (Fox) - Jackson
Black Bart (Universal) - Glassberg
Bonnie Prince Charlie (London/British) - Krasker
The Boy with Green Hair (RKO) - Barnes
A Date with Judy (MGM) - Surtees
Easter Parade (MGM) - Stradling
The Emperor Waltz (Paramount) - Barnes
Fighter Squadron (Warner Bros.) - Cline/Hickox
The Gallant Blade (Columbia) - Guffey/Lawton
Give My Regards to Broadway (Fox) - Jackson
Green Grass of Wyoming (Fox) - Clarke
Hills of Home (MGM) - Schoenbaum
Joan of Arc (RKO) - Skall/Hoch
The Kissing Bandit (MGM) - Surtees
Loves of Carmen (Columbia) - Snyder
Luxury Liner (MGM) - Planck
Man from Colorado (Columbia) - Snyder
On an Island with You (MGM) - Rosher
One Sunday Afternoon (Warner Bros.) - Cline/Hickox
The Paleface (Paramount) - Rennahan
The Pirate (MGM) - Stradling
The Red Shoes (British, Eagle-Lion) - Cardiff
Relentless (Columbia) - Cronjaeger
Return of October (Columbia) - Snyder
River Lady (Universal) - Glassberg
Romance on the High Seas (Warner Bros.) - Bredell
Rope (Warner Bros.) - Skall
Scott of the Antarctic (British, Eagle-Lion) - Cardiff
Scudda Hoo, Scudda Hay (Fox) - Palmer
The Secret Land (MGM)
A Song is Born (RKO) - Toland
Summer Holiday (MGM) - Schoenbaum
The Swordsman (Columbia) - Snyder
Tap Roots (Universal) - Hoch
That Lady in Ermine (Fox) - Shamroy
Three Daring Daughters (MGM) - June
3 Godfathers (MGM) - Hoch
Three Musketeers (MGM) - Planck
Two Guys from Texas (Warner Bros.) - Skall
The Untamed Breed (Columbia) - Lawton
When My Baby Smiles at Me (Fox) - Jackson
Words and Music (MGM) - Stradling/Rosher


Adventures of Don Juan (Warner Bros.) - Bredell
Bagdad (Universal) - Metty
Barkleys of Broadway (MGM) - Stradling
Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend (Fox) - Jackson
Big Cat (British, EL) - Greene
Blue Lagoon (Universal) - Unsworth
Calamity Jane and Sam Bass (Universal) - Glassberg
Christopher Columbus (Universal) - Dade
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (Paramount) - Rennahan
Dancing in the Dark (Fox) - Jackson
The Gal Who Took the West (MGM) - Daniels
In the Good Old Summertime (MGM) - Stradling
The Inspector General (Warner Bros.) - Bredell
It's a Great Feeling (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Jolson Sings Again (Columbia) - Snyder
Little Women (MGM) - Planck
Look for the Silver Lining (Warner Bros.) - Marley
Mother is a Freshman (Fox) - Arling
The Mutineers (Columbia) - Morgan
My Dream is Yours (Warner Bros.) - Cline/Haller
Neptune's Daughter (MGM) - Rosher
Oh, You Beautiful Doll (Fox) - Jackson
On the Town (MGM) - Rosson
Red Canyon (Universal) - Glassberg
Red Pony (Republic) - Gaudio
Samson and Delilah (Paramount) - Barnes
Sand (Fox) - Clarke
Saraband for Dead Lovers (British, Eagle-Lion) - Slocombe
The Secret Garden (MGM) - June
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (RKO) - Hoch
So Dear to My Heart (Disney/RKO) - Hoch
Some of the Best (MGM)
South of St. Louis (Warner Bros.) - Freund
Story of Seabiscuit (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Streets of Laredo (Paramount) - Rennahan
Sun Comes Up (MGM) - June
Take Me Out to the Ball Game (MGM) - Folsey
Tale of the Navajos (MGM)
Task Force (Warner Bros.) - Burks
That Forsythe Woman (MGM) - Ruttenberg
That Midnight Kiss (MGM) - Surtees
Tulsa (British, Eagle-Lion) - Hoch
Under Capricorn (Warner Bros.) - Cardiff
Yes, Sir, That's My Baby (Universal) - Glassberg
The Younger Brothers (Warner Bros.) - Snyder
You're My Everything (Fox) - Arling


American Guerilla in the Phillipines (Fox) - Jackson
Annie Get Your Gun (MGM) - Rosher
Barricade (Warner Bros.) - Guthrie
The Black Rose (Fox) - Cardiff
The Blue Lamp (British, Eagle-Lion) - Dines
Branded (Paramount) - Lang
Broken Arrow (Fox) - Palmer
Buccaneer's Girl (Universal) - Metty
Challenge to Lassie (MGM) - Schoenbaum
Cheaper by the Dozen (Fox) - Shamroy
Colt .45 (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Commanche Territory (Universal) - Gertsman
Copper Canyon (Paramount) - Lang
Curtain Call at Cactus Creek (Universal) - Metty
Dallas (Warner Bros.) - Haller
Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (Warner Bros.) - Cline
The Desert Hawk (Universal) - Metty
Destination Moon (British/Eagle-Lion) - Lindon
Dutchess of Idaho (MGM) - Schoenbaum
The Eagle and the Hawk (Paramount) - Howe
Fancy Pants (Paramount) - Lang
The Elusive Pimpernel aka The Fighting Pimpernel (British/(Independent) - Challis
The Flame and the Arrow (Warner Bros.) - Haller
Frenchie (Universal) - Gertsman
The Happy Years (MGM) - Vogel
High Lonesome (British) - Greene
I'll Get By (British) - Clarke
Kansas Raider (Universal) - Glassberg
The Kid from Texas (Universal) - Van Enger
Kim (MGM) - Skall
King Solomon's Mines (MGM) - Surtees
Let's Dance (Paramount) - Barnes
Montana (Fox) - Freund
My Blue Heaven (Fox) - Arling
Nancy Goes to Rio (MGM) - June
The Outriders (MGM) - Schoenbaum
Pagan Love Song (MGM) - Rosher
The Palomino (Columbia) - Farrar
Peggy (Universal) - Metty
The Pretty Girl (Columbia) - Snyder
Return of the Frontiersman (Warner Bros.) - Marley
Saddle Tramp (Universal) - Boyle
Sierra (Universal) - Metty
Summer Stock (MGM) - Planck
Sundowners (British) - Hoch
Tea for Two (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Three Little Words (MGM) - Jackson
A Ticket to Tomahawk (Fox) - Jackson
Toast of New Orleans (MGM) - Snyder
Treasure Island (Disney/RKO) - Young
Tripoli (RKO) - Howe
Two Weeks with Love (MGM) - Gilks
Wabash Avenue (Fox) - Arling
The White Tower (RKO) - Rennahan
Wyoming Mail (Universal) - Metty


Across the Wide Missouri (MGM) - Mellor
The African Queen (Universal) - Cardiff
Al Jennings of Oklahoma (Columbia) - Greene
An American in Paris (MGM) - Alton
Anne of the Indies (Fox) - Jackson
Apache Drums (Universal) - Boyle
Best of the Badmen (RKO) - Cronjager
Bird of Paradise (Fox) - Hoch
Call Me Mister (Fox) - Arling
Captain Horatio Hornblower (Warner Bros.) - Green
Cattle Drive (Universal) - Gertsman
Cave of Outlaws (Universal) - Glassberg
Cimarron Kid (Universal) - Boyle
Crosswinds (Universal) - Griggs
David and Bathsheba (Fox) - Shamroy
Distant Drums (Warner Bros.) - Hickox
Double Crossbones (Universal) - Gertsman
Excuse My Dust (MGM) - Gilks
Flame of Araby (Universal) - Metty
Flaming Feather (Paramount) - Rennahan
Flying Leathernecks (RKO) - Snyder
Fort Worth (Warner Bros.) - Hickox
Golden Girl (Fox) - Clarke
The Golden Horde (Universal) - Metty
Great Caruso (MGM) - Ruttenberg
The Great Missouri Raid (Paramount) - Rennahan
Half Angel (Fox) - Krasner
Halls of Montezuma (Fox) - Hoch
Happy Go Lovely (RKO) - Hillier
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (Fox) - Cronjager
The House in the Square aka I'll Never Forget You (Fox) - Perinal
Lady from Texas (Universal) - Boyle
The Last Outpost aka Cavalry Charge (Paramount) - Griggs
Little Egypt (Universal) - Metty
Lorna Doone (Columbia) - Van Enger
Lullaby of Broadway (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Magic Box (British) - Cardiff
Man in the Saddle (Columbia) - Lawton
Mark of the Renegade (Universal) - Boyle
Mask of the Avenger (Columbia) - Lawton
Meet Me After the Show (Fox) - Arling/Mala
Mr. Imperium (MGM) - Folsey
On Moonlight Bay (Warner Bros.) - Haller
On the Riviera (Fox) - Shamroy
Painted Hills (MGM) - Gilks/Lipstein
Painting the Clouds with Sunshine (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (MGM/British) - Cardiff
Passage West (Paramount) - Griggs
Prince Who Was a Thief (Universal) - Glassberg
Quebec (Paramount) - Greene
Quo Vadis? (MGM) - Skall/Surtees
Red Mountain (Paramount) - Lang
Rich, Young and Pretty (MGM) - Planck
The River (Universal) - Renoir
Royal Wedding (MGM) - Planck
Santa Fe (Columbia) - Lawton
Show Boat (MGM) - Rosher
Silver City (Paramount) - Rennahan
Smuggler's Island (Universal) - Gertsman
Stage to Tucson (Columbia) - Lawton
Sugerfoot (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Take Care of My Little Girl (Fox) - Jackson
Tales of Hoffman (British/Eagle-Lion) - Challis
Ten Tall Men (Columbia) - Snyder
Texas Carnival (MGM) - Planck
Tomahawk (Universal) - Boyle
Two Tickets to Broadway (RKO) - Cronjager
Valentino (Columbia) - Stradling
Vengeance Valley (MGM) - Folsey
Warpath (Paramount) - Rennahan
When Worlds Collide (Paramount) - Greene
Where No Vultures Fly aka Ivory Hunter (Universal) - Beeson/Unsworth


Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick (Paramount) - Lang
About Face (Warner Bros.) - Glennon
Against All Flags (Universal) - Metty
At Sword's Point (RKO) - Rennahan
Battle of Apache Pass (Universal) - Boyle
Because You're Mine (MGM) - Ruttenberg
Belle of New York (MGM) - Planck
Bells on Their Toes (Fox) - Arling
Bend of the River (Universal) - Glassberg
Big Trees (Warner Bros.) - Glennon
Blackbeard the Pirate (RKO) - Snyder
Blazing Forest (Paramount) - Lindon
Bloodhounds of Broadway (Fox) - Cronjager
Brave Warrior (Columbia) - Skall
The Brigand (Columbia) - Greene
Broncho Buster (Universal) - Stine
Bugles in the Afternoon (Warner Bros.) - Cline
California Conquest (Columbia) - Carter
Captain Pirate (Columbia) - Lawton
Caribbean (Paramount) - Lindon
Crimson Pirate (Warner Bros.) - Heller
Cripple Creek (Columbia) - Skall
Denver and the Rio Grande (Paramount) - Rennahan
Duel at Silver Creek (Universal) - Glassberg
Eldfågeln aka The Firebird (Terrafilm/Swedish) - Wallén
Everything I Have is Yours (MGM) - Skall
Girls of Pleasure Island (Paramount) - Greene
The Golden Hawk (Columbia) - Skall
Greatest Show on Earth (Paramount) - Barnes
The Half Breed (RKO) - Skall
Hangman's Knot (Columbia) - Lawton
Hans Christian Anderson (RKO/Goldwyn) - Stradling
Has Anybody Seen My Gal? (Universal) - Stine
Hong Kong (Paramount) - Lindon
Horizons West (Universal) - Boyle
Hurricane Smith (Paramount) - Rennahan
The Importance of Being Ernest (British/Universal) - Dickinson
Iron Mistress (Warner Bros.) - Seitz
Ivanhoe (MGM) - Young
Just for You (Paramount) - Barnes
Kangaroo (Fox) - Clarke
Lovely to Look At (MGM) - Folsey
Lure of the Wilderness (Fox) - Cronjager
Lydia Bailey (Fox) - Jackson
Maytime in Mayfair (British) - Greene
Merry Widow (MGM) - Surtees
Million Dollar Mermaid (MGM) - Folsey
Montana Territory (Columbia) - Freulich
Moulin Rouge (Universal) - Morris
Mutiny (Universal) - Laszlo
Plymouth Adventure (MGM) - Daniels
Pony Soldier (Fox) - Jackson
The Prisoner of Zenda (MGM) - Ruttenberg
The Quiet Man (RKO) - Hoch
The Raiders (Universal) - Guthrie
Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder (Columbia) - Carter
Rancho Notorious (RKO) - Mohr
Red Skies of Montana (Fox) - Clarke
Saturday Island aka Island of Desire (Universal) - Ibbetson/Morris
The Savage (Paramount) - Seitz
Scaramouche (MGM) - Rosher
Scarlet Angel (Universal) - Metty
She's Working Her Way Through College (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Singin' in the Rain (MGM) - Rosson
Skirts Ahoy! (MGM) - Mellor
Snows of Kilimanjaro (Fox) - Shamroy
Somebody Loves Me (Paramount) - Barnes
Son of Paleface (Paramount) - Wild
Stars and Stripes Forever (Fox) - Clarke
Steel Town (Universal) - Boyle
Story of Robin Hood (RKO) - Green
Thief of Damascus (Columbia) - Carter
Tropic Zone (Paramount) - Lindon
Untamed Frontier (Universal) - Boyle
Wait 'Til the Sun Shines, Nellie (Fox) - Shamroy
Way of a Gaucho (Fox) - Jackson
What Price Glory (Fox) - MacDonald
Where's Charley? (Warner Bros.) - Hillier
The Wild Heart (RKO) - Challis
With a Song in My Heart (Fox) - Shamroy
World in His Arms (Universal) - Metty
Yankee Buccaneer (Universal) - Metty

Beginning in 1953, 3-strip Technicolor photography came to a close as the transition was made to safety film. Some of the final 3-strip films are:


All Ashore (Columbia) - Lawton
Ambush at Tomahawk Gap (Columbia) - Freulich
The Band Wagon (MGM) - Jackson
Calamity Jane (Warner Bros.) - Cline
Master of Ballantrae (Warner Bros.) - Cardiff
Mogambo (MGM) - Young
The Naked Spur (MGM) - Mellor
Powder River (Fox) - Cronjager
The Redhead from Wyoming (Universal) - Hoch
Shane (Paramount) - Griggs
War of the Worlds (Paramount) - Barnes


The Barefoot Contessa (Universal) - Cardiff
The Caine Mutiny (Columbia) - Planer


Foxfire (Universal) - Daniels

Reference Links:

  • Robert A. Harris at The Digital Bits

  • The History and Technology of Technicolor

  • The "Tech" Behind Technicolor: The Advent of Classic Color Films

  • Wikipedia: Technicolor
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    Quoting lyonsden5:
    You've been busy today.

    Did you have your mail forwarded too. 

    Actually...I did! Changed up everything over at IVS to go with my new m.cellotape thing. 

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    I believe a little film called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released in 1937 by Walt Disney Productions was a 3 strip technicolor release.  Maybe our resident Walt can verify?

    Suspiria (1977) is also an interesting case.  It was not shot using the 3 strip Technicllor process.  It was shot on Eastman Kodak stock and then PRINTED using the 3 strip Technicolor process.  Possibly it deserves an honorable mention?
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    The Dancing Pirate is available as part of a cheap set of pirate movies.  "The Pirates of the Silver Screen Collection."  Very cheap, but has a bunch of interesting material in it.  Also features a very early Rita Hayworth appearance.
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    Quoting kovacs01:
    I believe a little film called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released in 1937 by Walt Disney Productions was a 3 strip technicolor release.  Maybe our resident Walt can verify?

    - Jan
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    Quoting hydr0x:
    Quoting kovacs01:
    I believe a little film called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs released in 1937 by Walt Disney Productions was a 3 strip technicolor release.  Maybe our resident Walt can verify?


    Indeed it was.

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